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★We do not accept window seat requests.★

★Other prices are also changing.
Please check in-store for details.

Number of people

※Price includes VAT ★If you order a course meal, please check the page that describes the content before ordering. The displayed price is for one person.
If you cancel the course meal you ordered, a cancellation fee will be charged.

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Reservation email will send automatic seat availability search results by Ai.
Seat availability cannot be communicated by email or phone.

★If there are duplicate submissions, you will not be able to search for vacancies. In that case, all booking requests will be cancelled.

After sending one request, please wait for a while until you receive the result email.
★We have not received seat requests. It is unknown whether we can guide you to your desired seat.
★There are only two seats by the window. Therefore, many people will be disappointed if they strongly prefer a window seat.

★This page is for sending a reservation request. Reservations are not confirmed.★

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